What’s Gifted?


The project idea was born in May 2013 from the union between the director and audiovisual researcher Rose of Dolls and writer-director Oliver Mend. Together they developed the story and wrote the screenplay for Gifted Corporation.


Gifted is a web series whose first season consists of 7 episodes, each one 5-6 minutes long, where a main character will be introduced and will help us to deepen in the plot, leading us to an exciting season finale.

Moreover, the universe of Gifted covers much more than the webseries itself, because it’s a transmedia storytelling across different platforms. We can hear real news from Gifted Corporation’s universe through Sofia Salazar, IBC Channel reporter, or listen to the paranoid conspiratorial theories from the videoblogger on “The Zet Files“. We may also even read the adventures of these characters from the webseries in the graphic novel that will be published.

Each platform will have its own content and plots that will be linked together. This will reward the loyalty of our supporters, because these other stories unveil mysteries of the main plot.

Not only that, the universe of Gifted merges with ours in every event organized by the series team.


Gifted Corporation is a low-cost project, open-ended and where everyone can participate. Rooted in knowledge sharing collaboration and participation of people who give a multidisciplinary approach.


It will be distributed completely free of charge via free video platforms like YoutubeVimeo or Dailymotion, among others.


As a unique feature, the series will be shot in multiple languages​​, using English as its primary language. As a result, via internationalization, we long to achieve a global phenomenon, remaining open to a worldwide audience.


For a greater accessibility, the web series will be adapted for people with disabilities, either by subtitles for hearing impaired or, as fas as possible, audio-described for blind and partially sighted people.


The shooting will take place between February and March 2014, and it is intended to be launched on May the same year. Afterwards, one chapter will be aired every week, accompanied by a premiere event for every episode.


We can count on a lot of incredible people that give us their time and their art. Thanks for making this possible!

Oliver Mend and Rose of Dolls direct the project, Jose Manuel Vargas is the assistant director, and Marlen García helps him out too. In the production team are Gaizka Narváez and Zaioa López. Patricia Herrero also helped during pre-production. Aitor Guerrero, David Lorenzo & Laurent Leger are the photographers. Nerea Ruiz and Jon López create environments, sets and props for every sequence. Daniel Módenes helps out everytime he is needed. Igor Lunate is making some musical magic, while Tommaso Galati is our responsible for direct sound. Mauri Martín helps us when its possible. Blanca Cruces does the make up and FX, sometimes with Amaia Zaballa helping her out. Sergio Juarros is our Script. Teresa Goitisolo is the web designer. And Sergio Salas comes to help us too.

The cast is great and incredibly huge… Alfonso Madariaga, Alejandra Fernández, Amaia Ajuria, Amaia Arkotxa, Ana Câmara, Ander Totxo, Javi Nicolás, Andoni Zabala, Asier Moreno, Catalina Alice Bilsborough, Carlos de las Muñecas, Damian Petka, Dani Rodríguez, Demetrios Brinkmann, Eider Sainz, Emilia López, Aitor Gabiola, Elena Palencias, Emily Kane, Gabriel Ocina, Gaizka Narváez, Gentzane Garai, Gerry Regitschnig, Gorka Albinarrate, Ibai Canales, Iñaki Quintana, Izaskun Barroso, Jaime López, Javi Cañón, Javi Alaiza, Jim Coll, Josu Alonso, Josu Angulo, Juan García-Mendoza, Julio Rodríguez, Kenai Molano, Inhar Molano, Maite López, Marcos Bernaola, María Cruickshank, María Goiricelaya, Markel Urrestarazu, Mateo González, Natalia Álvarez, Nia Acosta, Oliver Mend, Rose of Dolls, Susan Dummer, Teresa San Segundo, Txemanu Vargas, Xandra García, Ylenia Baglietto, Yeray Gómez, Jonathan León… A lot of people with great talent… great responsability!

And we all have the support of Excavaciones Viuda de Sainz, Penter Comercial, Eduardo Sauto, Coyotes Santurtzi, Hotel Gran Bilbao, Bilborock, Bilbao Eszena, Bilbao Centro, El Regimiento, Post Office, UPV/EHU, IMD Santurtzi, Hierros Abra, Carmelo Merino, DBZ Rekalde… Nothing would be the same without your help, thank you all.